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Web Design

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How Many Potential Volunteers Will Use Only Their Phones To Search For Your Website And Social Media Profiles?


Phones are the future! This number is growing - fast. But though over half of all users use only their phones to look up where to volunteer, donate and travel, most websites perform much worse on a phone.

We tailor each word, image, and layout to be as amazing on a phone as on a PC, giving mobile users the best possible experience. And as Google ranks performance on Mobile highly, we also get your website viewed by as many users as possible.


How Long Does A Potential Volunteer Take To Judge Whether They Will Stay On Your Website Or Go To A Competitor?

0.05 Seconds

Your image is important! If you only get a moment to convince a user to stay and learn about who you are and what you are making a difference, make it unforgettable.

We work with you to understand your themes, mission, and goals. We use that to design a spectacular website that uses colour, design effects, and layouts to optimize User Experience. And, as users clearly prefer original designs, your site will not be made from a template but rather designed just for you.


How Many Potential Volunteers Do You Lose Per Second When Your Website Takes Longer Than 3 Seconds to Load?


Give the people what they want! Imagine how much more of an impact you could have with 75% more volunteers and donors than you have right now.

All of our designs fully consider performance, with images, colours, and content all tuned for maximum speed. Google rates template sites from Wix and WordPress a “C” grade or lower due to their extremely slow performance, making them less likely to appear during a search. Our sites have an “A” grade, greatly increasing your visibility.


How Often Do Hackers Target Small Businesses or Governments Every Single Day?

Every 39 Seconds

Don’t become a victim! Major organizations now spend TRILLIONS of dollars each year on improving security, making this their single largest investment.

Security is our highest priority when building websites. Volunteers and donors should never be at risk when they trust you with their data. The vast majority of security issues occur on template-made websites from systems like WordPress or Wix. Our technology is top-rated for security, ensuring that you are never targeted.

Our Process


Define Project Sign-Off and Initiation

We meet with you to get the formal go-ahead for the project. Then we meet with your team to understand exactly what your website functionality and design goals are and plan how we get you to those goals from where you are right now.
Deliverable - Project Charter

Discover Market Research and Plan

We research your biggest local (and even global) competitors and understand what website design and content choices are working best for them. Then we plan how to make those elements work even better for you.
Deliverable - Market Research Summary

Design Perfecting Style and Speed

We meet with your team to capture the most desired design elements you may already have or want to have. We then present the initial designs, with two equally superb options for you to choose from. With the chosen option, we begin developing the final product, working closely with your team on content and branding.
Deliverable - Finalized Design

Do Naming and Hosting

We create a shortlist of the best website and domain names for you to choose from. Once you select your preference, we set the website up on the fastest and most secure hosting service available, and transfer all of your data from any existing services to the new service.
Deliverable - Domain and Hosting Summary
Final Delivery

Debut Finalized Website Presentation

We deliver the Final Website, walking you and your team through each of the design choices and themes, from colour to content. We ensure that your mission and passion are captured effectively. Then, with your feedback, we integrate any changes you may wish to make and complete all remaining technical tasks.
Deliverable - Final Website

Deliver Guides and Support

We transfer all administrative IDs and passwords to you and provide excellent user guides to help your staff take over the duties of making sure the website stays online after we hand it over. But that is not the end though as we will provide you with ongoing support and will assist with any moderate content changes that may come up in the future.
Deliverable - User Guides

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