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How Many Volunteers Search Only Online For Opportunities Around The World?

67% Seek Online

Reach them where they already are! A majority of volunteers now search for opportunities only on known Volunteer Portals, Social Media, and Google.

We work with you to fully capture your volunteer requirements, create attractive profiles on all major Portals, guide you on how to best frame volunteer requests, and ensure that all your Social Media accounts fully display your volunteer needs. This ensures that you receive the maximum number of applicants needed.


How Many Volunteers Prefer To Complete All Required Volunteer Orientations and Training Online?

73% Prefer It

Make the most out of their time with you! Volunteers must go through training but most organizations require them to attend that training in-person, which is NOT preferred by the volunteer.

We work with you to capture all of the information the volunteers need to know and create amazing training programs that can be shared with your volunteers prior to their start of service. This vastly increases your flexibility, quality control, scalability, and cost-savings.


How Many Volunteers Prefer Communication, Coordination, And Organization To Be Managed Online?

85% Prefer It

Keep it smart and simple! Volunteers have stated that organizing online makes communication easier and saves them time, while organizations have stated that it helps them get more volunteers for events and saves them costs.

We are fully aware of the key information volunteers want to know prior to starting their service for them to perform well. We work with you to create communication plans that your team can use to coordinate volunteers before and during their service.


How Many Volunteers Do Not Return For a Second Year Simply Due To A Lack Of An Adequate Follow-Up?

33% Never Return

Let them know you care! Most volunteers will not return simply due to bad, or even worse, no follow-up communication to thank them, ask them for feedback, and generally keep them engaged.

We prioritize retention most. Returning volunteers provide incredible cost-savings, making this key for any organization. We provide you with guidelines and templates on how to reach out to volunteers, perform key Impact Assessments, and keep volunteers engaged until their return.

Our Process


Define Project Sign-Off and Initiation

We meet with you to get the formal go-ahead for the project. Then we meet with your team to understand exactly what your volunteerism goals are and plan how we get you to those goals from where you are right now.
Deliverable - Project Charter

Discover Market Research and Plan

We research your biggest local (and even global) competitors and understand what volunteer recruitment, training, coordination, and retention strategies are working for them. Then we plan how to make those strategies work even better for you.
Deliverable - Market Research Summary

Design Perfecting Analysis and Approach

We meet with your team to capture the most desired volunteerism strategies you already have and want to have. We then present the initial strategic outlines, with a high-level description of all key tips, tools, and techniques. Once you agree to the approach, we work closely with your team to finalize the overall strategic design.
Deliverable - Volunteerism Strategic Design

Do Registration and Optimization

We create accounts and profiles for your organization on all the major Volunteer Recruitment Portals. We also review and edit your existing Social Media accounts to ensure that all volunteer requirements are captured and updated there regularly.
Deliverable - Recruitment Accounts and Completed Profiles
Final Delivery

Debut Finalized Strategy Presentation

We deliver all of the Volunteer Recruitment Tools, Training Guides, Coordination Systems, and Retention Communication Templates, walking you and your team through all of the strategic decisions. Then, with your feedback, we integrate any changes you may wish to make and complete all remaining technical tasks.
Deliverable - Final Website

Deliver Guides and Support

We transfer all administrative IDs and passwords to you and provide excellent user guides to help your staff take over the administrative tasks of making sure your Recruitment Portals and Social Media profiles stay current after we hand them over. But that is not the end though as we will provide you with ongoing support and will assist with any questions or guidance you may seek in the future.
Deliverable - User Guides

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