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How Many Organizations Agree That Social Media Has Vastly Improved Their Brand’s Popularity?

94% Fully Agree

Be seen by everyone! Make no mistake, your Brand is what you offer. This is true whether you are trying to attract more volunteers, donors, or tourists. Social Media lets you reach every type of audience - all ages, all genders, all locations.

As millenials, Social Media is a part of ourselves. We know what attracts the most attention on all major platforms, Western AND Eastern, to make sure the entire world knows you and why they should invest their time, and potentially money, with you.


How Many Searches Are Made On Facebook Every Day, Many Just For Where to Volunteer or Donate?

2 Billion

That’s over half as many as Google! People now use only Social Media to decide on who to volunteer with, who to donate to, and where to travel to.

We show you when, where, and how to post to get the very best value for each post you make because it is fact that every single new well-made post you make across the Social Media platforms can translate to dozens of new visitors to your profile. This directly results in huge increases in your volunteers and revenue.


How Many Organizations Rely Mainly On Social Media To Recruit Volunteers and Staff?

84% Use It Only

Endless resources await! Social Media has changed so many of the rules that NGOs and Governments are driven by, especially when it comes to finding the best and most passionate people to join the team as volunteers and staff.

We have both recruited and have been recruited on Social Media. We understand fully the techniques, benefits, and common mistakes most recruiters make. Using that knowledge, we set up your Profiles in a way that attracts the very best resources.


How Many Instagram Users Take Action After Being Inspired By A Single Excellent Post?

75% Of Users

Speak straight to their hearts! Once inspired, Social Media users will either go to your website, engage you in conversation, search for more information, or recommend you and your post to their friends and family.

We understand the complex algorithms that the different Social Media platforms use to increase the visibility of the best posts. We show you how to make sure your post is seen by the most number of people and results in the highest conversion of users into followers into volunteers.

Our Process


Define Project Sign-Off and Initiation

We meet with you to get the formal go-ahead for the project. Then we meet with your team to review all of your current Social Media profiles and strategies. We establish what your goals are and should be, and then create a plan to get you to those goals from where you are right now.
Deliverable - Project Charter

Discover Market Research and Plan

We research your biggest local (and even global) competitors on Social Media and understand what designs, posts, and strategies are working for them that we can make work for you instead.
Deliverable - Market Research Summary

Design Strategic Substance and Style

We meet with your team to capture the most desired data and designs to be included in your Social Media profiles. Once the initial designs are accepted, we begin creating visibility strategies, working closely with your team on content and design.
Deliverable - Finalized Design

Do Registration and Optimization

We register, detail, and design superb profiles on all major Western AND Eastern platforms where you currently have no profiles. For those platforms you are already on, we optimize all of the content and designs to align with the new formal Design parameters.
Deliverable - Social Media Profiles Summary
Final Delivery

Debut Finalized Strategy Presentation

We reveal all of your new and improved Social Media profiles across all of the major platforms. We walk you through the frameworks we have created for you and your team so that you know what, when, and how to post for maximum visibility. Then, with your feedback, we integrate any changes you may wish to make and complete all remaining technical tasks.
Deliverable - Finalized Profiles and Posting Frameworks

Deliver Guides and Support

We transfer all administrative IDs and passwords to you and provide excellent user guides to help your staff take over the administrative tasks of making sure the profiles stay online and current after we hand them over. But that is not the end though as we will provide you with ongoing support and strategic advice for any changes you may wish to make to your profiles in the future.
Deliverable - Support Guides

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