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How Many Donations Do Organizations Usually Receive From Outside Of Their Own Country?

45% International

Your donors, like your volunteers, are everywhere! How people donate is changing, fast. More donors prefer to donate online, or else donate their time as volunteers instead.

As managers within NGOs and Governments we learned difficult lessons on the challenges of gaining funding, as well as the overwhelming success of getting - and keeping - good donors. We create online campaigns for you that attract the most numbers of donors and teach you how to keep those donors coming back for years.


How Much More Crowdfunding Do Campaigns Raise When Fundraisers Update Their Supporters Regularly?

126% More Funds

Show your donors you care! They need to know that their money is being well-spent and the more you update them the more likely they are to share your campaign with family and friends.

Our experience in getting funding has enabled us to put into place and teach you exactly what content causes the best reaction, what tools to use to get the most donors, and most importantly how to convert your volunteers into donors. Knowing the when, where, why, and how is key.


How Much Funding Is Earned In The First And Last Three Days Of A Campaign?

42% On Average

Get the word out! Work with your volunteers to promote your campaign well during the first and last three days and you will certainly more than meet your fundraising goals.

Together with you, we create excellent marketing strategies for your fundraising campaigns. Your ability to raise funds is directly tied with your ability to market yourself and the cause that you are championing. We also provide guides to ensure that you are maximizing your donations earned by using the most popular systems.


How Much More Monthly Donations Do You Receive By Adding A Pop-Up Asking One-Time Donors To Convert?

64% More

Don’t be shy, upsell! Knowing how to convert one-time donors into repeat donors and how to convert volunteers into donors are the most important goals of fundraising. These donors provide significantly more long-term support.

We show you how to deliver the best messaging to potential donors that will motivate them to become long-term supporters. Repeat donors are motivated by how well you can keep them engaged and our plan uses all of the best donor engagement strategies to do just that.

Our Process


Define Project Sign-Off and Initiation

We meet with you to get the formal go-ahead for the project. Then we meet with your team to understand exactly what your current fundraising activities are, what your optimal future state is, and how we can plan to get you to that goal from where you are right now.
Deliverable - Project Charter

Discover Market Research and Plan

We research your biggest local (and even global) competitors and understand what fundraising campaigns and strategies are working for them that we can make work for you instead.
Deliverable - Market Research Summary

Design Messaging and Structure

We meet with your team to capture the most desired fundraising goals and themes to be included in the new campaigns. We create example campaigns and review them with you. Once these preliminary campaign designs are accepted, we begin creating visibility strategies, working closely with your team on data and design.
Deliverable - Finalized Design

Do Registration and Optimization

We register, detail, and design superb profiles on all major Fundraising and Crowdfunding platforms where you currently have no profiles. For those platforms you are already on, we optimize all of the content and design to align with the new formal Design parameters.
Deliverable - Completed Profiles
Final Delivery

Debut Finalized Campaign Presentation

We present all of the new and improved Fundraising and Crowdfunding profiles across all of the major platforms. We walk you through the frameworks we have created for you and your team to know what, when, and how to engage with donors for the highest donations. Then, with your feedback, we integrate any changes you may wish to make and complete all remaining technical tasks.
Deliverable - Finalized Profiles and Posting Frameworks

Deliver Guides and Support

We transfer all administrative IDs and passwords to you and provide excellent user guides to help your staff take over the administrative tasks of making sure the Fundraising and Crowdfunding profiles stay current and engaging after we hand them over. But that is not the end though as we will provide you with ongoing support and strategic advice for any changes you may wish to make in your profiles and fundraising strategies in the future.
Deliverable - Support Guides

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